Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forgiving in order to free yourself...

I have been learning a lot from Psychic Medium John Holland lately about a variety of subjects, one of which is the process forgiving. This guy really knows his stuff and I’m currently in the process of putting his practices to work. In the past years time I have not only been trying to become more developed psychically, that has been something I have wanted for a long time, but also I have been trying hard to be able to “go to the next level” spiritually speaking and find the love in all situations, good or bad, and basically try to think and feel like a lightworker would (which btw I would also love to be one day with more experience). I’ve noticed it has become a lot easier for me to do this the more I learn about how the universe works and I have become a lot more accepting of things and behaviors and am in general just more at peace with everything. I was just recently told that I am ready to “go to the next level” and that I’m already doing great, but that it would be important to forgive anyone or any situations that might be interfering with my energy, and in essence, holding me back. So, I really thought about it and there are a few people, a couple from my old office at work and a couple in my personal life, that I realized I would need to forgive in order for me to be free to let new and higher energy into my life. Forgiving someone does not mean that you let them off the hook, it only means that you are allowing yourself to cut that energy cord that was connecting you to that person or situation so that your aura can be cleansed and ready to receive the new and positive things that you want to come into your life. To me at least, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that you want the person out of your life for good either; it’s just that you need to forgive to move on, whether they stay in your life or not. The exercise that I learned from John is you imagine that person walking up to you so that they are standing right in front of you, then you visualize green healing light surrounding the both of you (green is associated with the heart chakra and also Archangel Raphael, the healing Archangel), then you say some affirmations that resonates with you and your situation with this person or situation. The ones I use that John uses are…”I am now bringing in the healing power of forgiveness”…”I release myself from the emotions of the past”…”I now forgive you and release you”…”I forgive myself for accepting the belief pattern of pain and suffering”…”My heart is now open to receive love in my life.” John does a weekly show and has a lot of podcasts in archives on on a variety of subjects that are very helpful and they really resonate with me more than anyone else’s have in the past. To hear the archives you have to register with them, but it’s well worth it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Paranormal experience New Year's Eve

I feel like I've been opening up psychically and I know my intuition is also getting stronger. I've been trying to work at that so I'm very excited about this, and I hope both continue to progress. The one thing that has always eluded me though is that I can't ever seem to feel presences around me and I would like to. There has only been two times so far that I have felt a presence nearby me and one of those times it was a living person, but I felt them walk up behind me silently. The other time was on the Queen Mary in February when I felt like something negative was watching me up on the stairs in the lobby. Well, now I have a third time to add under my belt....

I was at my friends house New Year's Eve for a small get together to celebrate the new year. It was just three of us for most of the evening. We had moved from the kitchen to the living room and the two of them were dancing around to the music while I was standing behind the couch right in line with the hallway when I felt someone walk by be behind me, from left to right. My friend has had a few paranormal experiences in her house and says she believes there to be a man that is in her house occasionally and he likes to hang out in the hallway. So, needless to say I was quite excited, although I didn't say anything at the time it happened. I told my friend later that night when we were getting ready to go to sleep.

I think it's absolutely hilarious that I can't have anything happen at places like Waverly Hills and Eastern State Penn, but I have things happen at places like my friends house and lecture rooms in hotels. But, I know that I am very protected due to experiences in a past life, so this is why I am guessing I don't get anything at the big bad places.

Happy New Year!

Peace, love and light.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I had a vision this morning....literally

So I was sitting on the couch this morning as part of my normal morning routine for weekdays when I have to go to work (it helps me wake up) and during this time (my angels call it my "gentleness time" btw, how cute is that!) I say my daily prayers, my daily law of attraction list, surround myself in the white light and give myself an angel reading. While I was doing the prayers I had a vision pop into my head of a man who was only wearing jeans squatting on a beach with a lake in front of him. It was something you would see if you went camping in the woods or something (although I would know nothing of this camping thing that people speak of being that I am a girly girl and have never gone camping...haha...but I digress). He was muscular and his hair was blonde and pretty long but not that long. He looked like a surfer, that sort of look. He also looks like what I believe that Archangel Michael looks like, except this man did not have the wings, but I'm current researching and learning more about the Archangels and I'm finding out that they will take on the look that most closely matches what you would feel most comfortable with or expect them to look, and this man in the vision is very similar to the picture of him on one of the Doreen Virtue angel cards that I have.


For the last few weeks I have been getting the same Archangel card pretty much everytime I give myself a reading, even when I'm not asking a question and just playing around with them. I have had some amazing things happen with these cards, but this is the strangest. I keep getting the same card at every reading, and it's from Archangel Michael. He is the "go to" angel and is especially helpful in career matters if you call on him. I have been very focused on him lately with all of my work woes. In order to have an angel help you with something, you must ask them. I have been asking him to either show up in my dreams or send me a message in my dreams on what to do about my job situation. I feel like I'm being given messages but I'm just not knowing for sure what they are exactly. So, just yesterday I was randomly looking on the Barnes & Noble website trying to see what books I want to get with a gift card I have and I ended up looking at Doreen Virtue's collection. I found a book specifically about AAM and luckily it was one of the few that you could "see inside", so I chose to look at the part for learning how to communicate with him. There was an exercise in there that has worked for others so I want to try it this weekend to see if I can get any clarification. Additionally, I have also been getting the "Beloved One" card showing up a lot lately in addition to another psychic seeing a man showing up in my life right now. So, these two subjects have been prominent for me lately.

So, after I had this vision this morning, and it stayed there for the rest of my couch time, it was now time to do my angel cards. All I do in the mornings is what's called "card of the day". It's quick and easy. I simply ask the Archangels what do they want me to know for the day and then I shuffle and split the cards. I choose to do it this way as opposed to pulling the card, but you can do it however you wish. The first card that I get was the Beloved One card again, just after having this vision. Now I have no clue if there's a connection and I'm not saying that there is but I just thought it was interesting. Could I have seen the man that will be coming into my life soon? Did my angels and spirit guides feel that I was ready to see him in a vision? Who knows. But it was interesting. I don't get a lot of clairvoyance going on, although it has increased and I hope it continues to do so. I mostly get things clairaudiently and my intuition has also increased lately (I guess you would call that claircognizance) where I've been having a lot of instances where I just know certain things. Or it might just be my spirit guides and angels helping me out. I don't know, but I love it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My first blog..what's to come here..& thanks to BFCG

Ok so thanks to my friend "barefoot countrygirl" (not sure if she wants her name known on here), whom without her telling people about her blogs on here I would not have known how to get started with this, or at least it would have been a lot more difficult anyway. And, I truely believe there is a reason why everything happens and information that is supposed to come to you at a certain time will come to you. This information from BFCG came to me at this time - a time when another message came to me just a few weeks ago from spirit about my future and the possiblility of me diversifying my career down the line eventually (when I can finally work at home that is) and the vision of me getting into niche blogging at some point, so this could be the beginning, the VERY BEGINNING stepping stone to that avenue. At least this will get me into the habit of doing blogs regularly and updating them for future. So thank you BFCG. I have to admit I'm very excited about this. Why? I'm not too sure yet, but nonetheless I am excited and that's always a good thing. That means you're on the right track, even if you don't know what you're doing or how you're going to do it. I've also been getting continual messages through various means by spirit (and we're talking pretty much every means save for telepathic in my own head) for a long time now telling me I need to get into creative writing/journalism. I even got it through the Frank's Box earlier this year of all places. [Please let me know if you need me to explain Frank's Box, I can do a separate blog - don't want this one to get too long] All this time I just couldn't understand why this message kept being thrown at me so much since I've never considered myself a good writer in the least. I see other blogs from friends and they blow me out of the water...I am just not good at the wording in general and having blogs sound like they were written by a writer like some of my friends' blogs sound like; I swear my friends have taken writing classes!! But, now THAT puzzle piece might be starting to fit together. At least one puzzle piece fitting together is better than none of them, and believe me there are a lot more puzzle pieces that I wish I could fit together, but I'll save those for separate blogs. LOL.

I am planning to write a lot about spiritual/paranormal subjects (i.e. psychic, dreams, spirit guides, angels, meditation, ghosts) on here since that is my passion in life. But I will also throw in the regular , day to day life stuff as well (if I have anything somewhat interesting to write about that is) which will probably more than likely involve something of the spiritual nature anyway, so who knows. I will also make it a point to update regularly.

So, this is my first blog (on here that is). I was going to do a year-in-review blog, but I will have to do that separately since this one is getting too long alreay. LOL.

Love and Light to all.